A neighbourhood space to meet, eat, drink & be social.

If you haven't already heard we closed our doors on the 10th August for a long awaited refurbishment. After nearly 5 years of trading 7 days a week, things are starting to look a little worn. So a lick of paint & some new furniture should put us in good stead for the next 5 years.

To be fair, we are planning to change a little more than the paint. In fact we intend to up-end the entire feel of the pub. Still the same old Rickety, just more relaxed and easy going. A sort of neighbourhood space for the whole community; a place for everyone at anytime of the day.

Instead of dividing the diners from the drinkers and the socialites from the thinkers, we want to give Jericho a real community space to meet, eat, drink and be social. Whether it’s for Artisan coffee in the morning, brunch at the weekend, beers and cocktails after work, or just a place to kick back with friends in the evening, the Rickety will be that place. Somewhere you can walk in on impulse, grab a seat, a drink & order food from the bar that is consistently great!

If this all sounds familiar then that's 'cause it is. Over at the Rusty we have been running the same community centred neighbourhood pub for the last 6 years and we think now (more than ever) that the stuffy Gastro pub of last decade has had its day! 

Don’t panic! We are not turning our back on great food, just the formalities of table service and the traditional gastro menu. In its place, we will be introducing our more relaxed and sociable casual dining concept that has proved so popular at the Rusty in recent years.

So actually the only thing we are really taking away is table service. In its place we be introducing 2 for 1 burger Mondays, 50% off pizza Tuesday to Friday lunchtimes (yes pizza - read on), cocktails (discounted during Happy Hour), pub quizzes, regular live music and the same ruddy brilliant food we have always cooked.

Admittedly the menu has changed a little, but only because you, our wonderful customers, have spoken over the last 2 years with your mouths; eating your way through 40% more burgers than anything else on our menu. Therefore, the Rickety burger as well as some other exciting buns will continue to be a staple of the menu (watch out for the slow-smoked pulled pork), proper 'filling' salads & snacks will be hanging around too, a formidable brunch menu at the weekends, plump home-baked cakes on the bar, but most exciting of all will be the Neapolitan - wood-fired - pizza straight out of our brand new oven...

HOLD THE PRESS! A pizza oven we hear you say? Yes, and its not just any pizza oven we'll be installing. Rather a genuine Italian wood-fired monster thats currently making its way by sea from Napoli (the home of pizza). 

...and with all the Neapolitan pizza 'know how' already in the bag from the beautiful pizzas we've been knocking out at the rusty; watch our Jericho you got something great coming your way.

Sticking to the rules of proper neapolitan pizza, we have slow risen dough made with 'OO' pizza flour milled in Napoli, San Marzano tomatoes grown in the soil around Mt. Vesuvius & Fior di latte (Mozzarella) made with cows milk; just how the Neapolitans like it... But, of course this is all useless without a decent oven and by God do we have a decent oven. 

Firing at 500c, our wood guzzler will cook a pizza in 90secs. By combining slowly risen dough and a blast-cooking from the oven, the natural aroma and moisture from the dough will be locked in giving a soft and digestible crust. As a result the edge (or 'cornicione') will be simply excellent and should not be discarded; instead celebrated!

So with all this change and excitement on the horizon we want to give everybody the opportunity to come, see and try what’s going down... and what better way to do this than to offer half price on all food for the opening weekend (21st - 23rd August)!

Psst... we'll also be placing our new cocktails in a prominent happy hour for the first weekend.

Finally, but by no means least, in order to bring all this new amazingness in with a bang we'll be hosting our GRAND OPENING PARTY ON FRIDAY 11TH SEPTEMBER, where you find all sorts of freebee tasters and tipples as well as the best band Oxford has to offer: our very own local prohibition swing-tastic extravaganza  that'll have you dancing on the first song guaranteed... it's only the 'Rabbit Foot Spasm Band'.